Past IESNYC Presidents Luncheon 2017

May 25, 2017. It's an annual tradition to hold a Past Presidents Luncheon. What they have in common is that they led our NYC Section for one to two years—no small task! The luncheon was an opportunity for them to reminisce about their time as president, what they accomplished, and what they left unfinished for the next president. The past presidents also celebrated the 111th birthday of the New York City Section.

Pictured Above (left to right):

Addison Kelly: 80th President
Chuck Cameron: 89th President
Willard Warren: 71st President
Randy Sabedra: 86th President
Caleb A. McKenzie: 92nd President
Kelly Seeger: 88th President
Frank Conti: 69th and 79th President
Manny Feris: 74th President
Tim Milton: 90th President
Clara Powell: 84th President
Brian Belluomini: 91st President
Joanne Lindsley: 75th President

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