LEDucation 11 Open for Registration

March 28-29, 2017
Hosted by the The Designers Lighting Forum of New York, LEDucation attendees are able to participate in a variety of accredited educational seminars held throughout this two-day event and attend an exposition to view the latest LED luminaires, controls and energy efficient designs and advancements from leading LED manufacturers. This trade show and conference draws attendees from across the lighting, architecture, facilities, and design disciplines.

Over 25 CEU sessions will be held this year and the following IESNYC members will be presenting:

A Lighting Designer, Electrician and Electrical Contractor Walk Onto a Job site-Panel Discussion
Presented by: Francesca Bastianini

Beyond Vanity
Presented by: Gabe Guilliams

I Didn't Sign Up for This! - Demystifying LED Jargon for Specifies
Presented by: Kenneth Schutz

Your Energy Code Questions Answered
Presented by: Marty Salzberg

Evidence Based Design & Lighting
Presented by: Natalia Lesniak

Lighting for a Dynamic Office... Can you see it?
Presented by: Nelson Jenkins

DMX for LED Control: Getting Reacquainted with an old/new friend
Presented by: Shoshanna Segal

Will Diodes Erode Washington's Abode?
Presented by: Ted Mather

Lighting for Behavioral Health
Presented by: Lauren Roberts

NY State and NY City Energy Code Update
Presented by: Lee Brandt

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