2017 IES Annual Conference

2017 IES Annual Conference
August 10-12, 2017  |  Portland Marriott, Downtown Waterfront, Portland, OR

At this time, the IES Annual Conference is at capacity and they are no longer taking registrations.

The theme of this year’s conference is “My Light,” bringing focus to the impact of light on our personal health and well-being. The objective of this conference is to provide educational sessions on the art, design, science, & research of lighting relevant to lighting professionals, lighting educators, and other design disciplines.

The 2017 Annual Conference fosters personal and career growth through educational and networking opportunities and allows lighting professionals to earn up to 14 CEU credits through participation.


IESNYC Thesis Recipient Valeria Terentyeva has been Accepted to Present her Thesis Work at the Conference!

Valeria’s thesis involves analyzing theoretical models of predicting thermal conductivity of composite materials for LED heat sink applications. The study investigated the thermal properties of composite materials with respect to their potential to be used for 3D printing of LED heat sinks. The goal was to explain the behavior of thermal conductivity in polymer and inorganic particle filler composite materials by evaluating theoretical models and comparing their predictions to experimental results. The effects of filler size and filler particle concentration on the composite thermal conductivity were investigated. Experimental data was compared to theoretical predictions, from which the accuracy of theoretical models was analyzed.
Valeria graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University in Texas with a degree in physics. She is a graduate research assistant and upon graduation she begins her career as a lighting designer at HLB Lighting Design in Boston.


Keynote Presenter
Steven Squyres
Principal Scientist for the Mars Exploration Rover Project, Dr. Steven Squyres is the James A. Weeks Professor of Physical Sciences at Cornell University and the acclaimed principal investigator for the science payload on the Mars Exploration Rover Project. He is best known as the face and voice of NASA’s mission to Mars and the pioneering drive across its surface by two high-tech robotic rovers named “Spirit” and “Opportunity.”
Program and Agenda

In addition to this year’s keynote presentation, attendees will hear from noted professionals and subject matter experts from the industry as they present topics relevant to the “My Light” theme in a variety of formats. There will be presentations and panel discussions along with breakout sessions to allow attendees to gather in a smaller setting to participate in 14 seminar and 14 paper presentations.

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