August 2018

William (Bill) L. Maiman, MIES
Marketing, PR, Business Consultant
Maiman, Inc.

Q: How did you first get started in the lighting industry?
The changeable qualities of light always intrigued me. Color, shadow effects, intensity, and more, were easily explored in school auditoriums as a member of the audio /visual squad at Stuyvesant High School. While attending Tulane University, I was an apprentice and had the opportunity to work on the lighting for George Carlin, Billy Joel, The Meters, other groups performing on campus and general events. After a series of jobs in communications management, media relations, PR, video production, and communications systems engineering in New Orleans, Tulsa, and Buffalo, I returned to New York City as technical editor for Lighting Dimensions and Theatre Crafts International/magazines, (now combined into the online publication, Live Design). During the early 2000’s, I also had the privilege of being production manager for the Broadway Lighting Master Classes led by Jules Fisher and the late Sonny Sonnenfeld. I was also moderator at the New Technology Breakfasts for the LDI tradeshow, chairing award committees, and other show management tasks. Presently, I am consulting with AEC firms on their marketing, communications, and lead generation needs. In addition, I am developing AIA recognized Continuing Education projects while continuing to write for various publications or clients. So, throughout the years, I was always “seeing the light” — bad pun, apologies to all.

Q: How did you first get involved in the IESNYC?
As technical editor for Lighting Dimensions and Theatre Crafts International, I received press releases and Publication/Standards notifications from the IES and calendars/program announcements from the Section. I started attending a few IESNYC programs and soon was recruited to serve on the Lumen Committee. I chaired the A/V and lighting teams for the committee and at the time, I oversaw the transition from 35 mm slide projectors with Xenon and high wattage lamps to digital video projection and adding image magnification video when the Lumen Gala eventually made the move to Pier Sixty. I was ably assisted by Phil Cialdella, Gary Dulanski, Manny Feris, Pete Jacobson, Bob Nadel, Randy Sabedra, Marsha Stern, and Matthew Tanteri. One year, when I was directing the technical aspects of the Gala, I was called out from the tech table to the stage to receive an IES Brilliance Award. I was beyond surprised and really happy to receive this prestigious award and be recognized by my peers.

Q: How do you see your role as member of the IESNYC?
Highlights of my work for the IESNYC include serving on the Board of Managers for several terms, working on Programming Committee, and I was on the steering committees for Control This! and LEDucation when it was a joint effort of the IESNYC and the DLFNY. My specialties were registration, staffing, and exhibitor logistics. Currently I am co-chair of the History Committee with Addison Kelly and I devote as much time as possible to work with Addison and committee. We have a rich Section with a proud record of accomplishments by our members and their associates. After recording 20-plus in-depth interviews with lighting luminaries, our committee is now working on editing and assembling of them they can be shared with our members and others. We have recorded many important people such as Howard Brandston, Barbara Montgomery, Rita Harold, Joel Spira, and many others. Eventually there will be compilation programs and in-depth features of each one.

Q: In your opinion, what are the best assets of the IESNYC?

Our section is large, personable, and yet relatable. I enjoy being a part of a diverse and engaged membership that supports the Section. I am heartened to see how the Section fosters community amongst the members representing many different types of roles within the lighting world. I’m thrilled and inspired by our members who are generous with their time and financial contributions to support the work of the Section. I think other Sections must be envious of our efforts!