IESNYC Collaborates with OHNY on Five Lighting Projects

Shown Above: L'Observatoire's Chris Marta at The Spur. Photography by Ben Helmer

As part of the IESNYC’s collaboration with Open House New York (OHNY) five lighting projects were featured during OHNY Weekend on October 19 and 20th.

Lee Brandt, MIES, design principal at HLB Lighting gave several talk/tours at the newly renovated The Equitable Building at 120 Broadway
Michael Hennes, MIES, associate principal, CBBLD, was at the just renovated The Belvedere Castle in Central Park
Nelson Jenkins, MIES, principal, Lumen Architecture was at The Poster House, which just opened to the public
Chris Marta, MIES, director, L’Observatoire International was at The Spur, the last segment of the High Line
Alina Ainza, MIES, president of LOOP Lighting was at the 2019 Lumen Award winning Claus Porto New York.

“We thank our IESNYC members for volunteering their time to represent the Section," said Mike Barr, president of the IESNYC. "Their talks/tours showed examples of excellence in lighting design so the public can gain an appreciation of how much lighting contributes to the built environment."

For more information on Open House New York, visit ohny.org


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