Rinkinson Gohel Appreciation Day

President of the New York City Section of the IES, Mike Barr, proclaimed December 11, 2019 Rinkinson Gohel Appreciation Day, and encourages all IESNYC members to recognize him as a Section Champion.

Rinkinson Gohel, LEED Green Associate, MIES, is a lighting designer at Bliss Fasman and the Proclamation states that “His commitment and willingness to get involved contributes to the greater momentum our Section needs for all we do. His eagerness for the success and willingness is a tremendous asset and positive force for us. Rinkinson, without doubt, is a promising Emerging Professional and we are pleased to have him on our side.”

The Proclamation was given to Rinkinson at the IESNYC’s annual Holiday Party hosted by The Lutron Experience Center. Upon receiving the proclamation Rinkinson said “I’m very proud that the IESNYC felt that I deserved this Proclamation. I was very humbled and pleased to receive it. I want to thank the Board of Managers and Committee Members for believing in me and giving me many opportunities. Since I moved to New York, the IESNYC has treated me like family and I am very proud to be involved with IESNYC.”

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