Brad Telias

September 2014

Brad Telias
Consultant, Enterprise Lighting Sales

Q: How did you first get started in the lighting industry?
After graduating from The City College of New York and Fordham University’s School of Law, I then entered State government, first serving as secretary to the Racing & Wagering Board, and then as secretary to the New York Power Authority. In the early 1990’s, I became an energy consultant and handled the emerging utility rebate programs for manufacturers, their representatives, and commercial businesses. For the past five years I’ve been consulting for Enterprise Lighting Sales (ELS) after spending 17 years with another manufacturer’s representative, Electric Lighting Agencies. While I know a lot about lighting, it can’t (you’ll pardon the expression) hold a foot-candle to what I know about horse racing, my other passion. I cover the sport as a commentator/analyst for CBS Radio and as columnist for the Sporting News.

Q: How did you first get involved in the IESNYC?
I joined the IES twenty years ago after realizing that the New York Section served as the industry’s key educational group in the metropolitan area. Through the years, I became active in developing and coordinating sectional events and programs devoted to the organization’s charted purpose and where membership had an opportunities to learn, socialize and network.

In 1995, I joined the Board of Managers of the IESNYC and have served as its Consigliere – as my colleagues often like to refer to me – in advising on financial and legal matters. I was honored to receive an IES Meritorious Service Award in 2012 which was given in recognition of outstanding service of 15 years or more. My award cited that I was instrumental in writing, preparing, and reviewing contracts with many affiliated organizations, including the AIA New York Chapter, the Museum of Arts & Design, as well as contracts for the annual Lumen Award Gala and a number of other section events and programs.

Q: In your opinion, what are the best assets of the IESNYC?
Two decades after joining the section, I still firmly believe that its objective is to continue to be the leading provider of educational and informational services to the lighting community and the general public. The IESNYC clearly serves as the industry’s best means to advance the science and art of lighting through its programs, events and forums.

Q: How do you see your role as a member of the BOM?
Now, as section treasurer, I serve on the IESNYC’s executive board and work with leadership to formulate sound fiscal and budgetary policy. The position also coordinates well with the role as financial and legal advisor in overseeing the section’s monetary obligations and requisite expenditures, including the monitoring of revenue and its fiduciary duty to properly investment its endowment funds.

Editor’s Note: Brad recently had an article "Triple Crown Bid Is a Long-Awaited Anniversary Gift" published in the New York Times based on a book he’s currently writing, The Elusive Crown - Why there hasn’t been a Triple Crown winner in nearly 40 years.