Kacie Stagliano

December 2014

Kacie Stagliano, LC, IES
Outside Sales
Specification Lighting Sales

Q: How did you first get started in the lighting industry?
In my undergraduate program I found myself using light as a design element in most of my projects. I took an elective lighting class. The professor came into the first class and asked, “How many of you think lighting is the most important aspect of architectural design?” A few of us raised our hands, not quite sure. Then, the professor switched off the lights and we found ourselves in complete darkness, in an interior core classroom. Learning about lighting throughout the course sparked my interest even more. After graduating from Kansas State University with a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design, I searched for a graduate program which focused on lighting from an architectural perspective and found one at the Parsons MFA in Lighting program.

Q: How did you first get involved in the IESNYC?
We had an IESNYC Student Chapter at Parsons, but I was not involved much besides my participation in the Student Lighting Competition. I entered the Audible Light competition in 2009 and received an Honorable Mention for my installation entitled “Rhythms.” After graduation, I went to the first meeting for the Emerging Professionals group and have been involved ever since.

Q: In your opinion, what are the best assets of the IESNYC?
The variety of programs, seminars and experiences the IESNYC offers. We have incredible access to talented professionals, tours of fantastic projects/installations, and the ability to provide up-to-date information on our changing industry.

Q: How do you see your role as a member of the BOM?
I am on the Membership Committee, of which the Emerging Professionals (EP) group is currently a subsection. The EP group is focused on creating a strong organization within the IESNYC that offers opportunities and networking for the EP community. Our goal is to establish a solid platform that can be continued by EP committee members and EP members in the future.
I recently represented the IESNYC at the IES Convention, and it was really great to see the expanse of the lighting industry throughout North America. Each region tends to operate so individually, I find it is easy to forget that the New York City Section is just one part of a large and respected organization. We are lucky to be in New York City, which is such a hub for lighting design and lighting projects. It is interesting to see the way the industry works in other regions. Many different factors of the lighting industry were brought up that I do not often think about, such as ways to become more involved with lighting legislation in our local areas as well as in Washington, DC. 

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