Mike Barr

October 2013

Mike Barr, Senior Account Supervisor at Lutron Electronics Inc.
Q: How did you first get started in the lighting industry?
It all began when I came to Lutron looking for a summer job during high school and the rest is history.  What has kept me in the lighting industry is that I love the challenge of working with a lighting designer and coming up with a fresh set of ideas that truly can innovate their design.  What has kept me at Lutron for 33 years, to be, exact, is the constant innovation of new products, technology, and strategies.  The continual opportunity to learn and grow has made Lutron a great match for me. 
Q: How long have you been active in the IESNYC and what prompted you to become involved? 
I joined the section when I moved to New York for my current position five years ago.  I heard this section was a great place to gain knowledge about current topics that directly impact my work.  It was probably the programs and discussions that influenced me to become active and I found it very insightful to hear a designer share the details of a project’s journey from start to finish. I've also worked on several committees over the past four years such as Education and Control This! I've also been a member of the Student Competition Committee and last year I had the honor of serving as one of four jurors.
Q: In your opinion, what are the best assets of the IESNYC? 
We have an amazing array of members in our section. Their projects can run the entire gamut from a stunning lobby here in New York City to the world’s tallest building on the other side of the world. Being able to hear directly from them on a tour or on a panel on a regular basis is really something so special. Also, I find that our section has such a diverse membership with so many different perspectives, that when we have a panel discussion, we have the ability to quite fully represent a subject’s many sides and have a healthy, spirited conversation.
Q: How do you see your role as a member of the BOM?  
This is my second year on the BOM.  We work hard to find new ways to build upon our success and learn from the past experiences of other BOM members. Our board consists of professionals with a wide range of industry experience.  Some have been in the industry for years, and some are relative newcomers, but it is this is mix of dedicated individuals that makes us a very strong and vibrant group and organization.