Past Presidents Luncheon 2019

At the invitation of recent Past President, Caleb McKenzie, past IESNYC presidents met at an annual luncheon held on Friday, July 19. “The Section’s annual event recognizes the past achievements and contributions of our former leaders and to the success of the IESNYC. We also wanted to introduce them to our new President, Mike Barr and the Members of the Executive Board to discuss our upcoming programs and initiatives as their input is important to us,” says McKenzie.

Front Row (left to right):
Sara Schrager: 78th President
Chuck Cameron: 89th President
Caleb McKenzie: 92nd President
Mike Barr: 93rd current President
Addison Kelly: 80th President
Joanne Lindsley: 75th President (first female president)
Randy Sabedra: 86th President
Clara Powell: 84th President

Back Row (left to right):
Brad Telias, section treasurer and member of the executive board
Phil Cialdella: 83rd President
Frank Conti: 69th and 79th President
Manny Feris: 74th President
Brian Belluomini: 91st President

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