In Case You Missed It!

It was standing room only at New York Digital at Acuity Brands Center for Light + Space on January 8th, for Popcorn and a Movie.
It was the latest installment of T.A.L.K. (Tell, Archive, Listen, and Keep) presented and produced by the IESNYC History Committee

Designers on Design, featured eleven venerable lighting designers who chatted with Dan Blitzer (The Practical Lighting Workshop) at the offices of Acuity and the IES. They discussed their philosophy of lighting and how they practiced their profession, as well giving advice to Emerging Professionals.

Featured Designers:
Francesca Bettridge (CBB Lighting Design)
Howard Brandston (Brandston Partnership)
Jules Fisher (Fisher Marantz Stone)
Don Getzoff (Wheel Getzoff Lighting Design)
Theo Kondos (T. Kondos Associates)
Joanne Lindsley (Lindsey Consultants)
Paul Marantz (Fisher Marantz Stone)
Jeffrey Milham (Design Decisions)
David Mintz (David A. Mintz)
Barbara Montgomery, (LSI Lighting)
Lesley Wheel (Wheel Getzoff Lighting Design)

The T.A.L.K series records many leading figures in the Lighting Community. Past T.A.L.K programs include "Making Light", about manufacturing, and “Women in Lighting.”

There are no words to accurately describe this powerful, impactful, and inspiring presentation. Everyone in attendance, whether seasoned professionals or lighting designers just starting out were impressed," says Mike Barr, president of the IESNYC. "I want to thank Addison Kelly (US Lighting Consultants), and Bill Maiman (William L. Maiman Consulting), the committee co-chairs, and Dan Blitzer, Peter Jacobson (Con Edison), Robert Nadel (Energy and Lighting Systems), who are members of the committee, and Judith Nadel who volunteered to make this a great event, and to Megan Carroll (New York Digital) who was our gracious hostess."




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