In Memoriam: James D. Kaloudis

James D. Kaloudis (1937-2021) was one of the New York lighting community’s most accomplished and respected lighting engineers. Over the years, Jim touched so many of us both professionally and as a friend. He was also a valued member of the IES and contributed through his work on national and local committees and his presentations added greatly to the innovative design and applications for the lighting industry. Jim retired from Cooper Lighting as Vice President of Research and Development. Prior to, he was VP of Product Development at NEO-Ray Lighting, and a Senior Associate and Head of the Lighting Department at Meyer Strong & Jones Consulting Engineers. He was also an Aviation Electronics Engineer in the US Navy and served at Guantanomo Bay during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Remembering Jim, Pete Jacobson, who worked with Jim at MS&J had this to say…

“Jim’s passion to encourage, teach and guide me through my career are experiences I draw on every day.”

Jim Toole, who worked with him at Cooper added…

“The sparks in Jim’s eyes were bright and ever present yet the depth and breadth of his intelligence and grace was best revealed if you had the good fortune of time to have lengthy conversations. While he was the consummate gentleman, a man with extreme respect for history, math including geometry and trigonometry, it was his dogged pursuit of excellence which resounded with everyone who worked with him. Nearly an Olympian his feats of physical pursuits were legendary. He especially blossomed in bicycling.”

Seen below is Dan Blitzer (left) speaking with James Kaloudis





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