Photometry Institute

May 14-15, 2019
LRC in Troy, New York

Who should attend?

  • Engineers, technicians, and testing personnel from lighting and related companies interested in learning more about photometric, colorimetric, and related evaluation of lighting products and prototypes.
  • Personnel from testing facilities who want to hone their skills and knowledge about testing requirements for solid-state as well as traditional light sources and lighting systems.
  • Managers, engineers, product developers and designers from lighting and related companies interested in setting up photometric testing capabilities to benchmark and evaluate product prototypes in their own facilities.
  • Anyone who wants to know more about the rapidly changing requirements for testing and evaluation of solid-state light sources and systems.

What will you learn?
People who attend the two-day, hands-on Photometry Institute will come away with the knowledge and skills needed to establish and conduct photometric testing and evaluation of a wide range of lighting products and systems. At the conclusion of the seminar, participants will:

  • Understand photometric and colorimetric terms and concepts used in lighting measurement and product evaluation;
  • Understand and be able to conduct industry standard test procedures and requirements included in programs such as ENERGY STAR®, Lighting Facts, and others;
  • Understand and be able to operate the various types of equipment used in lighting measurement and photometric evaluation;
  • Understand standard photometric laboratory practices and protocols and be able to apply these in their own facilities;
  • Understand requirements for testing and measurement of solid-state light sources and systems and be able to accurately evaluate the performance of solid-state lighting products;
  • Be able to measure standard photometric quantities including illuminance, luminance, luminous flux, and luminous efficacy;
  • Be able to measure and calculate various spectral and colorimetric quantities such as correlated color temperature and color rendering index;
  • Understand the equipment needed to create and/or assemble inexpensive photometric capabilities in their own facilities to make accurate measurements of the performance of pre-production prototypes;
  • Be able to interpret and apply photometric data in the evaluation of product prototypes and models.

How is the Institute structured?
The Photometry Institute is designed as an intensive, two-day, interactive experience that will allow participants to learn hands-on using the LRC’s extensive photometric laboratories and equipment. The course will include lectures, equipment demonstrations, and laboratory exercises, guided by the LRC’s expert faculty and staff. The Institute runs from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM each day and is held at the LRC’s facilities in Troy, New York. Topics covered in the Institute will include:

  • Photometry – terminology and definitions, lighting calculations
  • Photometric equipment set up and calibration
  • Measurement of light – use of photometric equipment including an integrating sphere, goniometer, and spectrometers
  • Colorimetry – terminology and definitions, measurements, and calculations
  • NVLAP and laboratory practices
  • Solid-state lighting testing and measurement including LM 79, LM 80, and LM 82
  • Photometry data review, interpretation, and reporting

Continuing Education Credits
Participants will earn 20 CEUs (continuing education units) for attending the Photometry Institute and will receive a continuing education certificate in photometry.

Discount for those who live or work in New York State
If you live or work in New York State, the course fee is only $360, thanks to support from NYSERDA!

For More Information, visit: lrc.rpi.edu/education/outreachEducation/PhotometryInstitute

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