BE-Ex Green Light: LED Lighting – Evaluation & Selection

April 20, 2018. Join BE-Ex to receive guidance on the operation and selection of LED luminaires, with special focus on light output efficacy, color, and expected life, as well as replacement strategies.  READ MORE

BE-Ex Green Light: Advanced Controls – Types & Functions

April 20, 2018. Join BE-Ex to receive guidance on the benefits and differences of available control typologies, with emphasis on maximizing functionality and savings through appropriate application.  READ MORE

BE-Ex Green Light: Lighting Retrofits – Strategies & Applications

April 20, 2018. Join BE-Ex to receive guidance on planning and executing lighting retrofits within a Good, Better, or Better Yet framework, with emphasis on the cost effectiveness and relative benefits of the solutions.  READ MORE

WISE: Women in Power – A Conversation with Vicki Kuo

April 27, 2018. Join BE-Ex for a WISE keynote event featuring Vicki Kuo, director of Energy Efficiency and Demand Management at Con Edison READ MORE

BE-Ex Green Light: Lighting Codes & Regulations

April 18, 2018. Join BE-Ex for a survey of the lighting requirements of NYC and NYS energy codes, as well as local laws and regulations that impact lighting systems, including an overview of the Greener, Greater Buildings Plan. READ MORE

In Memoriam: Richard Agriss, Rest in Peace

April 2018. It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Richard Agriss. He was an important member of the New York Lighting community and a valued and beloved employee of Enterprise Lighting Sales (ELS).  READ MORE

IES 2018 Research Symposium on Light and Health

Save the Date: April 8-10, 2018. The 2018 symposium, titled Light + Human Health: Circadian, Biological + Behavioral, will focus on topics that address the impact of light on human health. READ MORE