BEEx Gallery Talk Series: Lighting with More Function and Less Fuss

April 13, 2016 

Building Energy Exchange
31 Chambers Street, Suite 609
New York, NY 10007

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Lighting the Future's Gallery Talk Series
features four lunch-and-learn programs that focus on the integrated controls, shading, and fixture technologies in each section of the Living Lab Demonstration Project. The Living Lab Demonstration Project has carefully documented the selection, procurement, and installation process to identify challenges and solutions to scaling up retrofit projects. Lighting the Future explains how advanced technologies can save energy and money and showcases the systems installed in the Living Lab Demonstration Project. Lunch will be provided.

A wireless advanced lighting control system may be easily installed in both new construction and retrofit applications, providing greater system flexibility with decreased disruption to the space. This talk will illustrate the communication pathways of a lighting control system, discuss the benefits of wired and wireless components, and discuss how these sophisticated systems communicate to establish functionality with myriad features.

This is the second in our four-part Gallery Talk series which will utilize our Lighting the Future interactive exhibit as a classroom. The sessions will also draw lessons and data from our Living Lab Demonstration Project, a joint program with Lawrence Berkeley National Lab which deploys and monitors advanced lighting and shading systems in working offices to document the components and processes that lead to successful lighting and shading retrofits.

John Gearhart, OSRAM Encelium
David Robinson, MechoSystems
Phil Acone, Eaton's Lighting

11:30 Registration & Coffee
12:00 Welcome, Introductions
12:05 About the Living Lab and the Lighting the Future
12:15 Presentations
12:45 Moderated Discussion and Q&A
1:00 Guided Exhibit Tour

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