IES Annual Conference

Dear Fellow Members and Lighting Professionals,

The Illuminating Engineering Society is excited to announce that the 2012 Annual Conference, “Building Synapses: Connections in Lighting” will be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, famously neighboring the Great Lakes.

Based on the concept of synapses, which are electrical or chemical connections in the brain, this year’s conference will investigate the connections between the lighting industry and the surrounding world. In a modern era dominated by the idea of connectivity, it is important that we examine our own profession and its connections to society, biology, and the environment. Because of constant developments in technology and research, we must continually strive to recognize how other disciplines related to our industry affect us; conversely, we must also understand how our practice affects these various disciplines.

This year’s program is designed to encompass several different subjects, ranging anywhere from politics to education to agriculture. Divided into research, design, and application tracks, attendees will choose which tracks to follow. All attendees, including students, emerging professionals, and veterans of our industry, will find a session designed to fit their needs and interests. Attendees will be encouraged to question their own notions about lighting and consider the lighting profession from a fresh perspective.

Additionally, to emphasize the concept of connectivity, social media will be utilized throughout the Annual Conference. Attendees can “Like” the “IES Annual Conference” page on Facebook to follow discussions and updates in real time. Moreover, attendees can participate in discussions via Twitter by using and following the hashtag “#IESCON”. This means all Twitter posts with “#IESCON” in the body of the post will be searchable, enabling live discussions about the conference amongst attendees.

We are all part of the lighting industry’s complex web, and the lighting industry is constantly affecting and interacting with the world around it. Come join us as we explore these connections at the 2012 Annual Conference.

We look forward to welcoming you to Minneapolis.


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