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Leadership Spotlight
Calendar Sponsorship Campaign

Dear IESNYC Calendar Sponsors, Members, and Friends,

We are embarking on our 2018 Calendar Sponsorship campaign and once again, I am counting on you to show your support. This year’s sponsorship campaign—Leadership Spotlight—reflects the Section’s commitment to growing a strong community of industry leaders and our reliance on industry leaders to support our good works.
Throughout the year, the IESNYC publicly thanks our Calendar Sponsors and as president of the Section, I would like to personally thank you in advance for becoming a Calendar Sponsor. Without the generous financial support of our sponsors, we could not fulfill our mandate to educate current and future lighting professionals.

Without our sponsors, we could not offer the annual merit-based $25,000 IESNYC Scholarship, our Thesis Prizes and sponsoring prize winners to attend the IES Conference to present their work, the ever-popular Student Lighting Competition, our Educational programs—which this year explored important topics such as Lighting and Health—and many more programs and initiatives which you can view on the IESNYC website.  

Susannah Gilbard Zweighaft, one of the brightest lights in our Section, has graciously accepted the call to be our 2018 Campaign Spokesperson.


Today’s scarcity of talented, entry level lighting designers, has created a serious problem for those of us who own lighting design firms. We rely on the IESNYC through their outreach and educational programs, to encourage students who are in architecture, interior design and other programs to discover the rewards of joining our ranks and working in our creative, exciting, lighting industry. The Section is well positioned to help get this message out to students and emerging professionals. Let us support the IESNYC in this and all their essential endeavors.”

— Susannah Gilbard Zweighaft


Susannah Gilbard Zweighaft, LC, CLD, LEED AP, IALD, MIES, is a partner at AKF Lighting Design. She has been a member of the IES for 35 years, joining the Society when she was lighting design student. A multi-award-winning lighting designer, she has over 30 years of professional architectural lighting design experience and currently manages lighting design projects ranging from corporate, retail, cultural, residential, educational, healthcare, and education at AKF’s nine offices. In February of this year, she was profiled as an IESNYC Member of the Month.

We are offering Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze Sponsorships, and Studio Sponsorships. The good news for you is that the cost of these sponsorships has not increased for 2018. What has increased is our membership, attendees at our year-round programs, subscriptions to our monthly newsletter, and visits to our website – giving your company the visibility it deserves.

As the largest Section in the Society, we are proud to have world renowned lighting designers, manufacturers, reps, professionals in allied fields, educators, and students in our ranks. We value each one of our members and take special pride that we all work together for the betterment of the lighting industry in New York City. I hope we can count on your support of the IESNYC in 2018.

Please feel free to contact me or IESNYC Vice President, Mike Barr, chair of the Sponsorship Committee, if you have any questions.  

Thank you again for your continued support.

New York City Section of The Illuminating Engineering Society




Mike Barr, IESNYC
Vice President and Chair of the Sponsorship Committee
New York City Section of The Illuminating Engineering Society




2018 IESNYC Sponsorship Benefits and Levels

The following benefits will be provided to sponsors based on donation level during the 2018 programming year.  Download a PDF

Sponsorship Availability No Max No Max

Max 12

Max 6

Max 4

Company Name listed on every page of the IESNYC Website and on the Sponsors Page with your company’s description  
Company Name credited before all Section programs and educational events  
Company Name acknowledged as an Education Sponsor in the Lumen Awards journal  
Company Logo displayed on Program Credits, Lumen Awards journal, and linkable on the IESNYC website and sponsors page     Logo in Black and White Logo in Color Logo in
Opportunity to provide literature, promotional materials, and company swag for the Student Lighting Competition event grab bags      
Opportunity to submit promotional slides to be displayed during the Student Lighting Competition event       One Slide Three Slides
Opportunity for a table top display at the Student Lighting Competition event        
Prominent Placement of your company’s logo on our monthly IESNYC newsletter, with a distribution to over 4,000 readers        
Opportunity to promote your company’s educational events and activities on our IESNYC website and newsletter        
Ability to co-host a calendar program event either at your company’s space or a space coordinated by the Section        
Special Appreciation Plaque commemorating your sponsorship commitment        
Opportunity to feature a spokesperson from your company, and IESNYC Section member as our IESNYC Member of the Month        

*Studio Sponsor is available for design offices only

The Illuminating Engineering Society of North America is a 501(3)(C) organization and contributions are fully tax-deductible.