• 2020 Lumen Award of Merit. The Center for Health and Well-Being – CBBLD

  • 2020 Lumen Award of Excellence: TWA Hotel and Event Center – Cooley Monato Studio

  • 2020 Lumen Award of Excellence: Chandler History Museum: Infinite Shade - DLR Group

  • 2020 Student Lighting Competition Honorable Mention: Eleanor Watson, Pratt

  • 2020 Student Lighting Competition: 2nd Place – Seokhun You, Pratt

Welcome to the New York City Section of the Illuminating Engineering Society
We are a volunteer professional membership organization comprised of individuals who share a mutual appreciation for and fascination with all things lighting. We are dedicated to promoting both the art and science of illumination to our members, to other professional organizations, to the industry, and to the public through inspiring events, informative programs, educational series, and great networking opportunities.

President's Message

I want to congratulate the nine members of our Section — Stephen Bernstein, Dan Blitzer, Rachel Gibney, Ilva Dodaj, Craig Bernecker, Eileen Pierce, Yuliya Savelyeva, Leela Shanker, and Elaine Cook — who presented at LEDucation a few weeks ago. Their presentations were quite knowledgeable and very well done. LEDucation was a wonderfully successful event and it was great to see the New York City lighting design community shine so brightly. If you missed our members presentations, they are available HERE on demand. The IESNYC is pleased to be a Presentations Sponsor of LEDucation 2021. More >

Member of the Month

Nelson Jenkins
Founder and Principal
Lumen Architecture, PLLC


IESNYC Is Pleased to be Allied with EIL
Founded in the Spring of 2020, Equity in Lighting's (EIL) goal is to increase the diversity within the lighting community of NYC so it may better reflect the diversity of our country through the tools of outreach, educational events, and industry policy. In partnership with the DLF NY, IALD NY, IES NYC, Parsons Lighting, NACLIQ, and WILD NYC, the EIL has tasked each of their partners to create 3-4 events that focus on diversity within their niche. The goal of these events is to show lighting through different perspectives so that we may become better designers, colleagues, and human beings. Visit equityinlighting.org

2021 Student Lighting Competition
This year's Student Lighting Competition is virtual. The students have worked hard within the unique constraints of the past year to transport us out of our living spaces using materials and light sources common to the home. Our committee has also been hard at work bringing a new virtual gallery of the student work to life. A video announcing the winners will accompany the website launch in the coming weeks. Please stay tuned for details.

Call for Member News!
Even though we don't see each other like we used to, the IESNYC still wants to hear from our members. Please let us know if you’ve changed where you work, have a new position, earned your LC, got accredited with another professional organization, or even if you joined an IESNYC Committee. We want to share your good news with other members. Please send your announcements to [email protected]


Nathalie Faubert (CBBLD) has been accepted by the IALD as a Professional Member. She has also become a member of the IALD Energy +Sustainability Committee, is the representative of that committee for ASHRAE 90.2, and is also a voting member of the ASHRAE 90.2 committee.  

Brigid Hardiman (Lightcraft) has earned the credential of Lighting Certified (LC) Professional from the National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professions (NCQLP).]

Barbara Horton (HLB Lighting Design) has retired after a 41-year career with the firm. She will continue to work as a consultant and serve out her term on the Board of Directors through the end of 2021.

James O'Blaney and Caroline Rinker (O'Blaney Rinker Associates) founded their company 10 years ago and are celebrating its milestone anniversary.

Anne Rainbow Savage (WSP USA) been promoted to Lighting Design Studio Lead for NYC and the US eastern region.

Andrew Yanev (Elemental LED) was promoted to SVP of Sales and Marketing and will lead national marketing efforts in addition to overseeing specification and distribution sales.

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IESNYC Calendar

Apr 28

Learn the Why’s and How’s of PoE Lighting Systems

6:00 PM
An Introduction to and Discussion of the Pros and Cons of Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Lighting Systems

May 12

Once More, With Feeling!

6:00 PM
They say you can’t light the play until you’ve read the script. Consider a project's objective as an integral part of enhancing the creative lighting design process by first establishing the users’ needs.

May 19

Virtual Tour of the CBBLD’s 2020 Lumen Award Winning Center for Health & Well-Being

6:00 PM
Cline Bettridge Bernstein Lighting Design will take you on a tour of the Center for Health and Well-Being housing fitness zones, classrooms, community resources and gathering spaces to further its mission of whole-person wellness.


IES Progress Report-Call for Submissions

SUBMISSION DATES April 12 - May 21, 2021. The IES is looking for significant new advancements in lighting products, research, publications, and design tools from the past year. Read More

Shoshanna Segal Joins IESNYC Board of Managers

The IESNYC is pleased to welcome Shoshanna Segal from Luminous Flux to the IESNYC Board of Managers Read More

Present at the 2021 IES Annual Conference

Submit your presentation ideas for the 2021 IES Annual Conference. This year’s theme is Brighter. Together. and we aspire to spark the conversation about how light is used, how light affects the user, and how we affect and inspire each other. Read More

A Second Language of Light

April 22, 2021. Join David K. Warfel for a romp through the lighting industry where no one is safe from over-simplification and pithy remarks but where everyone can laugh a little and see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. Read More