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IESNYC Liaisons
Joseph Belfer, Cerberus Consulting
Ketryna Fares, HLB Lighting Design
Nathalie Faubert, CBBLD
Anna Kim, Enterprise Lighting Sales
Randy Sabedra, RS Lighting Design

DLFNY Liaison
Francesca Bastianini, Sighte Studio
Wendy Kaplan, Feelux Lighting

IALDNY Liaisons
Amanda Arikol, Tillotson Design Associates
Michelle Douglas, HLB Lighting Design
Jenny Stafford, Renfro Design Group

Moonlighting 4

An Exhibition of Art and Design Created by Lighting Industry Professionals

Hosted by the DLFNY, IALD and IESNYC, New York-based lighting professionals exhibited their after-hours creative pursuits at Moonlighting held at New York Digital on September 5, 2018. Over 300 people from the lighting industry and beyond attended this year’s exhibition and reception.

Another year, another successful Moonlighting," says Nathalie Faubert, MIES, senior associate at CBBLD, and founder of Moonlighting. "This year, we got to see new talents ranging from an interactive crossword puzzle, photos of nature and wildlife, children’s costumes, and furniture! It's always fun and surprising to find out the hidden talents of your friends and associates and I hope that the ‘closeted’ artists in the industry will display their work next year and that our regular and returning artists will keep participating.

Congratulations to the Moonlighting 4 Organizers for their Hard Work and Dedication on this Successful Event!

The Moonlighting 4 Committee (l to r): Jenny Stafford, Renfro Design Group; Anna Kim, Enterprise Lighting Sales; Joseph Belfer, Cerberus Consulting; Ketryna Fares, HLB; Michelle Douglas, HLB; Francesca Bastianini, Sighte Studio; Amanda Arikol, Tillotson Design Associates; Nathalie Faubert, CBBLD; Randy Sabedra; RS Lighting Design. Not pictured: Wendy Kaplan, Eureka Lighting





Featured Artists


Kalynn Amadio, Goldstick Lighting Design, Ltd.

Radio Spot
Joseph Belfer, Cerberus Consulting

Wood/Metal Bench and Art Piece
Michael Benvenuto, Brazill Lite Tech

Flower Portraits
Francesca Bettridge, CBBLD

Stephen Bickford, Stephen Bickford Design LLC

Jacquelyn Cacan, Tillotson Design Associates

Hand Drawings
Paula Castillo, Cooley Monato Studio

Custom Typographic Quote
Jesse Coletta, Lumen Architecture

Pen and Ink with Hatching Technique
Colin Conroy, Lightcraft

Knitted Scarf
Jim Conti, Jim Conti Light Design

Light and Sound Installation
Maria Dautant, HLB Lighting Design and Golsana Heshmati

Handmade Bowls and Table
Ketryna Fares, HLB Lighting Design and Mariam Alshamali, Bernheimer Architecture

Nathalie Faubert, CBBLD

Acrylic Painting
Emily Guerra, Student

Saba Hamidi Coleman, Tirschwell & Co

Cat Hoa, Lucifer Lighting Company

Herbs in a Bowl of Soup
Aamena Ismail, Kugler Ning Lighting

Adam Kroll, HLB Lighting Design

Surface Pattern Design for Scarf
Karen Kuchel, Kalkota Design

Jerry Kugler, Kugler Ning Lighting

Guess the Manufacturer Interactive Crossword Puzzle
Gene Lambert, One Lux Studio

Light Sculpture
Amer Maleh, i2Systems

Robert Nadel

Sarah Randall, Renfro Design Group

Silk and Paper Flowers Abstract
Nel Reed, Pfizer

Matt Rolfert, Cosentini

Clara Samudio, CBBLD

Robert Schoenbohm, Lightime Design

Photo Collage
Shoshanna Segal, Luminous Flux

C. Brooke Silber, Jan & Brooke Luminae

Eric Silverman, FLOS USA, Inc.

Acrylic Abstract
Mark Taber, Delta Light USA

Instructions on Sailing Knots
Jimmie Underwood, Stan Deutsch Associates

Video Presentation of Solo Piano Performances
Robert Van Antwerp, zeroLUX lighting design

Video Presentation of Acoustic Cover Songs
Jayne Whitman, Ecosense Lighitng

Khorkhe Younes, zeroLUX lighting design

Photoseries of the Urban Scape: The Disposable City
Unplugged–Maria Dautant, Lindsey Dieter, Michelle Douglas, Ketryna Fares, Adam Kroll, Lupita Legaspi, Robert Schulz, Bradley Sisenwein, and Zhenyu Ye

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