Past Members of The Month

April 2019

Jackson Ning II
Principal and President
Kugler Ning Lighting
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March 2019

Paul Gregory, MIES
Focus Lighting
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February 2019

Richard (Rick) J. Shaver, LC, MIES
Executive Vice President Research and Development
Edison Price Lighting
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January 2019

Craig Bernecker, Ph.D., FIES, LC
Director, MFA Lighting Design Program
Associate Professor of Lighting Design, Parsons School of Design
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December 2018

Christopher Marta, MIES
L'Observatoire International
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November 2018

Colin Conroy, LC, MIES
Senior Lighting Designer
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October 2018

Paul Tarricone, MIES
Editor and Publisher
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September 2018

Francesca Bastianini, MIES
Sighte Studio
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August 2018

William (Bill) L. Maiman, MIES
Marketing, PR, Business Consultant
Maiman, Inc.
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July 2018

Nathalie Rozot, MIES, IALD Education Member
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June 2018

Francesca Bettridge, LC, IALD, FIES
President and Principal
Cline Bettridge Bernstein Lighting Design
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